Spring Game

As Bucky reminded us, if you like Badger football - get down to Camp Randall - since it will be four months before it returns.

It was my first time attending the 'spring game' where the Badgers came out ahead and put the finishing touches on their series of spring semester practices with a brand new coaching staff.

Other than the temperature, it felt like a perfect spring day, with bright sunshine and happy folks sitting in the bleachers.

It's way too early to make any kind of prediction for the fall version of the Badger football, but it was a nice way to fast-forward a little bit while the national pastime is not yet three weeks along in its season.

There were lots of kids on hand with their families for the game - and instead of just adding greenbacks to the coffers of U.W. athletics - the modest $5 admission price went to benefit the University's School of Pharmacy.  As the kids clamored around him, it was easy to think that the biggest star right now on the Badgers is the guy with the real big head and cardinal - white sweater sporting the flying 'W.'

From a quiet and comfortable seat in the south end zone - everything looked good, the soft pretzel tasted great, and the glorified practice was fun to watch.  It appeared job one was accomplished, keep everyone healthy; and job two - work at game speed on some game like situations were handled well on both sides of the ball.

It's impossible to predict a fall schedule when teams take on their comrades.  Who knows, is the defense real good or the offense poor?  Or the offense good and the defense not as hot?

In April, it doesn't matter, and while attention stays focused on the little round ball with the seams, it's nice to know that in not too many more months the boys of the gridiron will be back to play.