S'no More?

You can never say never - especially when it comes to winter weather in Wisconsin - but hopefully the snow squalls that passed through Friday will be the final calling card left by the winter of 2012 - 2013.

This cavalcade of flakes caught up to me in Watertown, Wisconsin this past Friday as we were heading to Miller Park to watch the Brewers.  (You are correct, nothing says 'Play Ball' like strong winds and big flakes!)

There's a saying about spring coming after it snows on the robin three times - but I've already lost track of how many snows we've had since the robins came north and sought shelter in the local Motel 6.

Saturday, by comparison, was pretty nice as the sunshine made a high temp of 45 much more palatable.

That's the interesting thing about perceived temperature.  A cloudy day of 45 is much colder than the same temp on a sunny day.  There is a way the rays of the sun not only warm the face, but also seem to light an inner fire of enthusiasm and willingness to be in outdoor activities.

Since, it's Monday and things can seem rather gray, gloomy, and snowy on the first day of the work week - try to be a ray of sun for somebody today.

My favorite place to work has a person like that - who could seem to part the clouds with a personal beam of sunshine - and make Monday a day to look forward to each week.

Go, and do the same!