Shake Down Cruise

Yesterday was the first combination of nice weather, a prepared bike, and time to get on it - so it was off to nearby Verona for a little 'shake-down' cruise on parts of the Military Ridge Trail.

I had ridden it after getting to Madison last fall on my trusty ol' 10 speed Schwinn Traveler, but this time I was able to bring out the Rans Rocket Recumbent.

While most of the trail was still clothed in winter grays and browns, there were sparks of colors to be enjoyed.  The sun was out most of the ride which was a nice touch... warmed things up and made for a beautiful day.

The bike rode pretty well thanks to a nice tune-up from Dan at Atkin's Bike Shop in Verona.  He even steam-cleaned the bike, so it is probably cleaner than I am!

There needs to be a little bit of seat adjusting, but I think it's in good shape and if I can keep up with it - hopefully some free weekend soon I can get out and go for a nice long ride - I'm thinking New Glarus and maybe on to Monroe.

It was nice to see a lot of other riders and runners out on the trail... those not out of breath able to return a friendly wave.  Now that winter seems to have finally moved north from the Madison area, hope to make lots of trips with the 'Rocket.'

Enjoy the day, keep the wheels on the ground and your head looking forward!