Scrabble Day

If you need an six letter word with a q, u, z, and y while not understanding this is National Scrabble Day... I would guess you might be feeling just a bit queazy now.

Scrabble is one of those games that depends on some decent letter tiles and hopefully enough people in the game who can craft words more than four letters long.

It gets to be a short game when words like it and as and hat start to win the day.  Especially if you have a q and an h on your tray.

My dad always seemed to win the family games of scrabble.  It helped he was quite smart and a writer - but as they used to say about Bear Bryant, 'he could take his and beat you, and he could take yours and beat you again.'  But those times around the table were fun and usually accompanied by a cold glass of Pepsi.  That's what made it a Mossner game.

It's a nice game to play as a family or multi-generation game that allows grandparents to coach the kids on ways to play the game.  It's also a good way to have a conversation during the game while the teenagers at the table (congrats on getting them to sit down) try to configure the weirdest words they can think of and pull off a triple word score.

In our part of the country, today is cloudy and quite cool, a good day for a game of scrabble.  Let's play!