Rain, Rain Go Away!

Please come again another day.

It's amazing that while the ground was crying for any amount of moisture a little more than six months ago; now there seems to be so much rain falling that hundreds of swimming pools should be getting filled simply from what falls from the sky.

A couple years ago, while visiting San Fransisco, one of two days we had to tour the city was like that too.

The TV weather guy said the city received more than 2 inches in one day.  As a person who dutifully slogged through it to see the famous bridge, the Presidio, Fisherman's Wharf, one of the famous sourdough bakeries, and most memorably a double-decked bus with an open stairway that was more of a moving waterfall that day.

Really, the pictures framed for me that day seemed more authentic and packed with more depth than a spectacular blue sky might have provided.  It rains a lot in late January in northern California... and that's one of the biggest memories.  A memory enhanced with the sound of wet and squeaky tennis shoes.

This soggy week here in southern Wisconsin isn't quite the same as that rainy day along the Bay.  But, as the rain washes out the final piles of dirty snow it is uncovering daffodils ready to burst forth.

Yes, it would be nice for the rain to stop a while and the sun come out... but we'll need more rain to water the fields and crops.

Thanks to a gracious God who gives us both - rainy days and sunshine - to make our lives complete.