Just as farmers put their hay bales into barns and grain into silos... many of us try to do the same at home... placing our tax records, warranties, photos, and medical statements into files so we can hopefully find them when the time comes.

It's in that spirit that the third week of April recognizes 'Organize Your Files' week.

Frankly, this seems like a bit of 'snap' of the whip considering next week is Administrative Professionals Week and said Admins hoping for recognition in terms of a meal or token, may want to have their office files well-organized.

Those files, at home or work, are bit like a river.  They never stop.  You might think you are caught up, but then the mail arrives, or a new job crosses the desk and voila'... new files to put away.

Those lovely four drawer cabinets aren't where the organizing stops now either; if you've ever searched for a document in some of your virtual computer files - sorting and sifting through hundreds of documents titled 'doc1' just isn't going to help.

Why not take this last day of the work week to get organized - with the files, the desk, maybe even the car, and the home records that just seem to be sprawling.

Then, while you're at it organize a small file of restaurant coupons so whomever the 'boss' might be can use one when they treat you to a much deserved dinner.  You might want to add one more filing job to your list - print and file this blog and place it on the desk of the person who needs to take care of the organizer in their lives.