It Must be Spring...

...the smell of mulch is in the air!

The landscape folks are busy this week around the campus - taking huge piles of mulch and creating smaller piles and then moving the smaller piles into even smaller piles around trees and plants and rocks.

This morning, I noticed mulch actually steaming as it came off a flatbed truck!

That fermenting process makes for one of the more powerful smells of spring - an aroma that creeps through doors and cracks in windowsills.  The freshly laid mulch looks great around the grounds as it covers the old layers of last year's sliced and diced trees that looked so good only 365 days ago.

There's much mulch.  Maybe we could use some mulch in our lives.  Maybe we could serve as mulch for someone else?

Think about it.  Mulch serves to keep young plants and trees warm; helps hold moisture in and not allow it to run downhill; and provides a touch of beauty to areas that otherwise might not look so good.

There are no doubt people in your life who help keep you warm on chilly office days or when times get a little bit icy.  Folks who bring a cup or glass of your favorite beverage without your asking; and those friends who know just what to say to bring a smile to your face and some joy in your heart.

While the outside mulch serves it's purpose throughout the year; it's a good idea to replenish it from time to time.

So when it comes to mulch - there's never too much mulch!

Oh, and keep in mind, this isn't fertilizer we're talking about here... there may be days when that comes in handy... but your friends don't need that too many days of the year!