A Great Night at the Ballpark!

We drove through snow showers on the way to Milwaukee yesterday on our way to the night game against the rivals from the south, and I lost track of the number of times I thought how nice it was to know we wouldn't be blue and gold ice cubes by the end of the evening.

A brisk wind out of the northwest proved to be a bit on the cold sign in our walk to the stadium... but once we made it in... the temps started around 60 and warmed throughout the night as more people came in from the cold to watch the 'summer game.'

The game itself was exciting - the Brewers scored four times in the first, three of them on the hit you can see Ryan Braun make on the ball to the left.  For a moment, it seemed like the game might be an easy one for the home team, but the Cubs climbed back to within a run and the Brewer relief pitchers managed to keep them from getting any closer.

You usually hear that if you go to a game, you are likely to see something you've never seen before.  That is for sure.

The Brewer pitcher snagged a line drive right back at him, falling on his seat as he did so, then he threw to first base to double off the runner.  It all happened in a flash and was an amazing play.  I was glad to see it the #1 play of the day on ESPN SportCenter this morning.

In the eighth, a Brewer run was caught in a run-down and as he retreated to second base, a teammate was there already.  The teammate was tagged out, the first Brewer thought it was him, I guess and ran toward first, where he was safe.  So, he stole second, ended back at first, and then was thrown out trying to steal second for the second time.

A great night, a big win, and memories to take home.  It was a blast, and next time it would be OK with me if it's just a touch warmer!