Happy Birthday!

Did you feel it?

The pomp and circumstance - emanating from the area of Greater Madison yesterday?

Well, it was my wife's birthday - one of those high-holy days of celebration and good cheer since she is a big fan of her birthdays in general and hers in particular.

Being new to the city - I chose a self-proclaimed Birthday Place here called the Nitty Gritty.

It was fun - a commemorative mug with helium balloon attached, name announced over the loudspeaker, and a comped drink (coffee, in her case) added to the evening.  That and the surprise of six friends who gathered for laughs and good food.

It's a fun place and a regular Bar & Grill neighborhood spot - with an excellent selection of burgers and two types of fresh, fried cheese curds (my Indiana friends just don't know about this delicacy) - it won't take another birthday to get us back.

There is a lot of pressure being married to someone who craves birthday celebrations and presents - as long as they are not wrapped in Christmas paper - but at least this year, the big day passed in grand style.

Oh, and how old is she, you might ask...   nope, sorry, have been married too long to make that mistake!

Happy Birthday, dear!