Yes, it really is a Small World

I've been back in Wisconsin a little more than four months now - after leaving in 2005.  That's a long time.

It was all the way back in 1989 that I left South Dakota to return to Wisconsin for another TV news job.  That's so long ago that our youngest son wasn't even born then, and he is now 22!

Making those two pieces of the puzzle fit happened recently, as through a new acquaintance my wife made at a church function, pictures were shown, and my wife recognized the face of a woman in the picture.

Just slightly older (aren't we all?), but identifiable was a woman with whom I worked while serving as the Political Reporter for KELO-TV.  In the small community that was (and I presume, still is) Pierre - beyond the work environment were people you quickly came to know.

I admired the way the press secretary was able to handle various requests and last second 'demands' of a one-man band reporter-photographer.  It was a key part of the working relationship, reporters need and want access to accurate information and press secretaries are trying to keep their man in the public eye.

Lasting three years in South Dakota, before returning to the Dairy State; I enjoyed that work - even when legislative sessions brought with it 70 hour work-weeks.

Yesterday, I spent some more time thinking back to those days of searching for stories early in the morning - making calls and arrangements for interviews and video shoots with afternoons spent writing and editing the video into (hopefully) coherent pieces for the evening news that ran no more than 1:20.

It was a good time and the only thing I have left is a bad back and great memories.  Memories I look forward to rehashing with the long-lost press secretary who now lives just the other side of the city from me.

Other days, we run into people who've moved here from Indy; while in Indy we met all kinds of lost Cheeseheads.  Look around, you'll find it doesn't take six degrees of separation for you to link back to a favorite place in your memory.

Just look around!