What Can We Do?

Amidst the tears, grief, frustration, and aggravation over the tragedy in Newtown came a different thought to many, 'What can we do about it?"

This morning my favorite morning show, Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN, said in times of natural disasters there are places to make a donation, but in this case they felt empty and unable to help.

So, for my friends Mike and Mike, and the rest of you - here's a thought - give blood!

While this tragedy didn't create a strain on the nation's blood supply - the Red Cross and other organizations across the country (really, around the world) are always in need of blood for those who have suffered injuries - maybe even gunshot wounds - or are ill and undergoing surgery or transfusions.

In memory or tribute to the victims, heroes, and heroines of Newtown, I'd like to encourage you to roll up your sleeves and give blood.  It's a great gift at Christmas and the color works with that ugly Christmas sweater you like to wear.

Over the weekend, as I absorbed the news reports and updates from Connecticut, I realized I was again eligible to donate blood and thought a reason to do so was readily apparent.  So, this afternoon, I visited the Red Cross blood center on Zeier Road near the East Towne Mall, Madison to roll up my sleeve.

The last time I gave, back in October was not without difficulty, so I let Daphne know the situation.  Well, I was in very good hands.  Daphne planted that needle in my arm like claiming territory for a new country - hit the vein dead center, and after catching my breath I was finished donating my pint and on my way to the canteen in less than 10 minutes.

Since each pint can provide help to three people, think about all those you are able to help.

If you know someone who is not eligible to give, consider giving on their behalf, and if you want to be real cheap this year tell them you made a donation for them this Christmas.