The sun is out - it's a new day!

 This morning the wind is blowing cold out of the northwest, but the sun is out and the brave men and women driving plows for many, many hours have an opportunity to catch up.  Hopefully, the wind won't re-seal to many of the roads they manage to open today.

It didn't take too long to uncover our car in the parking lot - the bigger trouble was getting into and out of the building.  Drifts blocking the outside entrances and the locks seemed to be iced shut.

 Then, it's off to work to get a few things wrapped before the holiday weekend and a trip over the river and through the woods.

The TV station just a mile to our east measured 20 inches on their property.  So, this is likely the most snow I've ever experienced at one time - it is very pretty and a beautiful sight in God's creation.

It is wonderful to be reminded of how His love erases our sin like snow covering dirt - although in a much more permanent manner.

Merry Christmas!