The snow continues... Draco day II

 Well, I never like to have snow get in the way - but sometimes discretion IS the better part of valor.

The picture to the left was taken at 7:15cst, while the one at lower right was last night around 11:10.

What you can't see are the strong winds.  It's a short jaunt from our place to the nearby fitness center.  So, I threw on my boots and trooped through the white stuff.

Snow had fallen from the roof onto the sidewalk and a couple of drifts a foot deep stood between me and the date with a treadmill.  Sure was glad to be carrying the running shoes instead of wearing them today.

The wind is whipping out there pretty good - and the forecast actually gets worse later in the day.  So, thanks to the wonders of modern technology - it's a 'work-from-home' operation today.

Comfy clothes and a window on the action outside.  Fortunately, was able to structure my day to include writing and email, so no issues for me.

Be sure to join in a prayer for those who must get out today - nurses and medical professionals, EMTs, fire and police, public works folks trying to keep up with the roads, and the people at the convenience store we expect to be there when we are foolish enough to venture out.

Where I work, at Oakwood Village, the continuing care retirement community is a 24/7 operation - so some folks spent the night last night rather than take a chance of not making it in.  Oakwood is but one of those places that count on the compassionate and loving hands of their staff to take care of people.

As I enjoy my hot chocolate and the warmth of the computer screen today, I'll be sure to think of them, and give thanks.

Please join me.