State Street

Looking to the northeast from the University of Wisconsin campus up State Street toward the capitol is one of the best known streets in Wisconsin, if not the upper Midwest.

It's home to the very first Rocky Rococo Pizza Place; numerous coffee shops; even more bars; clothing stores; entertainment venues; and even a popcorn shop!

Years ago, it was closed to most through traffic - so it's a steady thruway for bikes, buses, and pedestrians.

There is a nice mix between college students, businesspeople, and city people.

It has its own vibe - street musicians playing; political conversations; and wide-eyed, coffee-fueled college kids trying to cram for their next exam.

Even the Goodwill store is unlike most you've ever seen - with clothing that is certainly more with 'it,' than the average location.

Like Madison itself (sometimes called (and I wish I knew who said it first) '40 square miles surrounded by reality'), State Street is the epicenter of MadCity.

Come by and travel forward and backward in time while you walk it's length to the capitol from the campus and back.  If you take the walk from the early spring to the late fall - you can catch the Saturday Farmer's Market that encircles the square.

Welcome to Madison!