Snow Day!

 Draco continues!

More snow piling up around us - we can still see off the balcony, but as the bottom picture shows - it is piling up quickly.  There was no snow on our table at 830 last night at 900 this morning it is nearing 6".

Just getting started too, as much more is expected to fall today until midnight.
I haven't checked on our car parking outside, but suppose it looks the car in the picture above.

Looking to the apartment to our left, the snow around 9 this morning was about as strong coming down as what I had seen this all started.  We did have thunder snow and it seemed I saw flashes, 'snow lightning?'

You know, it is a lot of fun to watch from the comfort of a warm apartment.  A little while ago, the guys on the radio announced the big malls have closed so that's a sign it must be serious!

Snow angels have been reported missing - the snow is now that deep!  Stay tuned for further updates!