See you at Mickie's

It's a Madison legend.

My bad, but until today I just drove or rode by with longing eyes and a hungry tummy.

Just after 8am, we walked in - the menu is on the back wall for all to read.  They also have a 1950s menu on another wall - bacon for .40, burgers for .30.  Prices are not that low now, but still an awesome deal for enough to feed you and several of your closest friends.

It's known, as you might suspect, for ice cream.  I knew a chocolate malt for breakfast would be a great way to start the day, and justify the 5k run on the treadmill this morning.  Even better, it comes with the 'tin,' providing its own refill!

Looking at the words of warning on the top of their menu, I decided to take advantage of single pancake - chocolate chip - as my order.  That's it - the small planet sized delicacy to the right.

Yes, I finished the malt.  YUM!  But the pancake won - I think I could have cleaned my plate, but with a 1/4 of it left I decided it would be best to bring it home as a lunch treat.

It's a cozy restaurant with counter, booth, and table seating.  We got there at 8 and found a small booth in the back... not too many minutes later there was a line threatening to spill out the door and into the rain.

It's awesome and very generous portions - that's why it's a Madison legend and landmark.  If you have watched some of the ABC/ESPN coverage of Badger football through the years, you may have seen Mickie's featured during the game.

Go early and enjoy!  I know I'll have to space out my visits to the Dairy Bar, or there won't be room for me to fit inside while I wait.