Let it Snow and keep snowing!

 It's 11:30 and the snow continues with winds getting stronger all the time.

In the picture to the right those little blurs of white are big ol' flakes getting whipped around the post on our balcony.

The Hot Chocolate sure tasted good this morning and the pancakes hit the spot before my long walk - upstairs to work.
The best gauge of the snow depth is that the sign is now covered at least partially by snow.  There is some drifting going on, but we are past the six inch mark for sure by now with more to come!

The radio folks are advising folks to stay home and remind us the Blizzard warning takes effect at noon and lasts until midnight.  I can't wait - I love DQ Blizzards - hope it's a cookies and cream blizzard!

The picture is my view when I stand up from my chair behind the computer desk - it looks peaceful and is a nice warm view to the mounting snow pack outside.

Hope you have a fireplace, a hot beverage, warm blanket, or cozy shoulder to snuggle with today - like the song says, "Baby, it's cold outside!"