Get Your Bowls Ready!

Today is just a warm-up of sorts with multiples of games springing forth through the next four days.

Military teamwork was on display in the Armed Forces Bowl today as Air Force and Rice with four games during the remainder of the day.

Just after Rice grounded the Cadets, it was the Mountaineers and Orange in a snow-globe in Yankee Stadium (not quite Pasadena or Miami as far as locations go).

I have watched bowl games (probably too many of them if you ask some people who know me) for as long as I can remember, but there are so many more now, it's hard to keep up!

Later today is the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - and while B-dubs is a great place to watch a game, I'm concerned there might be an excess of Bar-B-Que sauce on the field for the teams to have very firm footing.
 Yesterday, there were three games - tomorrow the NFL takes the main stage (Packers at Vikings 3:25cst on Fox, Go - Pack!) - and then New Year's Eve Day with games starting at noon - followed by the full buffet (loosen your belts, please) on January 1!  (Go Badgers!  3:30 on ESPN in the Rose Bowl.)

From there, BCS games won't wrap up until January 7th in the Championship game.

Is there such a thing as too much football?

What a silly question!

Go, Team!