Eight and Four

Now, gentlemen... we begin the Big Push!

Words you might expect from the two larger than life coaches hanging out in front of the home team's field early today as players arrived to work out and review film of yesterday's win over the Vikings of Minnesota.

Minnesota.  Again.

That's what remain in front of these guys before they can turn their attention to their first playoff game.

In a season where band-aids and peroxide seem to be in greater demand than shoelaces... this team has managed to pull themselves into the last quarter of the season with every one of their goals in front of them.

The credit for that goes to a coach who may be several years away from joining Vince and Curly out front, but after the debacle in Seattle he stood tall - made no excuses and moved the team forward.  Together.

Injuries continue to mount and the team has so far managed to find ways to win more often than not.  The win over Detroit when they played poorly and the drive-by administered by the Giants illustrate the tenacity and the razor thin edge this team is on right now.

But as a long time fan and owner, this team has been impressive.  For not giving up or giving in; for winning games previous groups would have lost; and for keeping the eyes on the prize as the 'next man' stepped into place.

What happens from here?  I sure don't know, but I'm enjoying the ride.  Go, Pack!