Be careful what you ask for...

My Indiana friends today no doubt are remembering the number of times when I wondered when winter would ever arrive in central Indiana.

In the entire time we lived there, I remember a seven inch snowfall shortly after moving there in December, 2005 - and then I believe it was 2010 that turned streets into slick skating rink.  Beyond that, not so much.

Much better, I expected to see and experience a real winter.  And, it is - it's great to experience and see this up close.  Of course, I readily admit if I were a lineman for the power company or a tow truck driver today, my joy might be tempered just a little bit.

Just the same, it is a beautiful sight and a much nicer one that reminds me of the clean slate or a new beginning we especially think of at Christmas as we mark the birth of our Savior.
 I like the look of it - I like the 'maintenance free' living in our current location and that my shoveling will be limited to uncovering our red car in the second picture and making sure we can drive it sometime on Friday.

Loveliness is certainly in the eye of the beholder - and I will also admit that there is something and special about the first snowstorm of winter - while the 15th or 30th one in mid-March only has the charm of potentially being the last one for a while.
Yes, Wisconsin - like most of the Midwest need the moisture in this snow and the rain quite desperately.  It's good to see.  But if I get to choose, I prefer snow to rain.

While I lift my mug to hardy workers like our friend in this picture, it is also in salute of fellow cheese heads who are helping their neighbor today - checking on their well-being and heeding the advice of officials and staying inside and enjoying the weather through our windows.