Spring Ahead... Fall Back... check your watch

Many of my Indiana friends are still getting used to this clock switching thing we do in the spring and fall to either take or give back an hour in the evening.

Just a few people observe this by actually getting up in the middle of the night, at 2am to either push ahead to 3 or back up to 1am depending on the time of the year.

I have been on a different tack for sometime nd it's all because of the children that used to live in the household.  In the spring - on the day we would spring ahead I would take the time after getting up in the morning to move each clock ahead one hour, so 7am became 8 on each and every clock in the house.

Later that evening, especially as the boys grew proficient in reading clocks, the payoff came when they were agreeable to their normal bedtime, and us parents were granted an extra hour of quiet.  For some reason, I did the same each fall - although the payoff then really was more on their balance sheet.

Yet, now with the kids gone - it's become more of a running joke and maybe the only thing I am really known for in the family.  "Did dad change the clocks again during the day?" is the common question each spring and fall.

Why do I do it?  It's rather silly, I suppose.  One of the things I like to do is acclimate early to coming changes - so if I'm about to travel to a different time zone, I like to adjust my body's clock early so I can be ready for the coming change.  I'll admit I also do it because it is rather fun, and harmless fun at that, at least most of the time.

Today, I only changed the clocks by the bed, so remembering to do so at night wouldn't be an issue - no other clocks were changed until nightfall.

Back in college, I worked overnight for a radio station and asked my supervisor if I would be paid for eight hours when the clock sprung ahead - 'no,' was the reply - but if I would be working again in the fall - I could make up the lost hour with a bonus nine hour shift! 

As you find yourself with an extra hour tomorrow morning - think of the many public servants and others working for us in a variety of jobs - that just had an unasked for hour added to their workday.

Spend your hour wisely!