Over the River and WHAT??

Maybe the lyrics shouldn't have been started with Over the River and through the woods... after all.  Really, doesn't that sound like a lot of work? 

Just think, this was before four-lane interstates could transport us from one city to another at a mile a minute or faster.  The song dates back to the idea of hitching up the horse for a 10 mile ride was a half-day journey.  And, parents take note, there was no plug-in to run the portable DVD or electronic devices!

I think the song could stand a bit of an update - maybe including smog choking pollution, white-knuckle driving, and 32 ounce refillable glasses of Mountain Dew!  Then throw in some lyrics that cover the whining in the back seat, 'Are we there yet?  Whatever!'

Looking back - it's good that I wasn't the designated driver for those trips over hill and dale in yesteryear - I think I wouldn't have made it.  No satellite radio to pull in the game.  No Tom-Tom to provide a custom-made map and helpful nondescript Brit reminding me when to 'Turn left, then take the motorway.'  No heat in the vehicle.  No gas tanks to fill, but there would need to be a hay stop from time to time.  Yeah, I'm not coping well with that, couldn't I just stay in the log cabin - watch the games from home and Skype the family at Grandmother's house during halftime?

Yes, there are too many years of throbbing veins, sore throats from admonishing young kids to please stop touching their brother, and aching head in pursuit of family happiness and togetherness.

I miss it, don't you?

Have a blessed Thanksgiving - and don't forget to say 'Thank You' to the creator and provider of all things at your (or your family's) home church this week.