Now that you've been elected...

The election is finally over.  (Message to Florida - really, it takes you nearly a week to count the votes?  That's not very impressive, perhaps you can work on that before the next national election?  Thank you.)

So the men and women who will soon be heading to Washington or their own state capitol buildings might be in need for some advice:

Make sure you remember your manners.  No one expects you to agree with everybody - especially not those people representing a different color than yours.  This means you listen, try to understand, ask questions of the loyal opposition, and search for ways to find answers and solutions for the problems of the day. 

Just keep your eye on the ball.  There are big problems everywhere - bloated budgets with skinny revenues; too many un- or under-employed; and what the official moth/rock/cloud should be adopted for recognition.  We did not send you to the various seats of government for your benefit.  We sent you there wrapped in our hopes, fears, and dreams that the United States can again be a beacon to the world as a place that finds of way of creating opportunities and caring for the people living today and those yet to even think of voting yet.

I suggest you read bills and research, not your own press clippings.  We accept that you are smart; despite common mythology - we usually like the people we elect and believe they do have the best interest of the people at heart; and we want you to be better than the slimy commercials your advisers might think are responsible for getting you there.  Please don't tell us it is the fault of someone - find an ally, even one on the other side of the aisle, and work to get something done.

Look your colleagues in the eye when you caucus and suggest holding the fundraising/positioning/politicking for 2014 until 2014; so each of you can look at us now and then and tell us while it was tough and you couldn't do everything you wanted or hoped to do - you are satisfied to have gotten things accomplished.

You will feel better - and you will be surprised that we, the people, will appreciate it.  Forget the focus groups - listen to your heart, your parents, and your kindergarten teachers who told you that telling the truth means never having to remember to keep your story straight. 

It's not all that long ago that our country was able to get things done.  Democrats and Republicans didn't agree on everything (sometimes hardly anything), but ultimately fought, debated, and found a way to get an agreement. 

We're tired of finger-pointing and rants by Rush and the folks on MSNBC - you should be; you can be; you are - better than that.  We are counting on you... so get to work!