Make Someone's Day

Of course, I have no idea when you might be reading this, but I'm writing it at the end of the workday and came up with a plan - maybe you'd like to try with me.

Think right now, about how you might be able to make someones day tomorrow.

You may not even know who that is, and the good news is, you might be able to make the day for more than one person!  That would be a neat accomplishment.

So, let's think about some ways to do that....
  • pay for the coffee of someone you don't know at the coffee shop
  • take a flower, or drop a nice hand-written card or note, to a person in the office or shop that doesn't get many 'atta-boys/atta-girls'
  • let someone pull out in front of you at a crowded intersection, or where someone has been trying to nose their way into traffic
  • help carry something 
  • SMILE!
  • learn someones name - and use it
  • ask someone about their day... then stop and listen for their answer
  • tell your spouse you'll take care of dinner so no cooking is required
  • do dishes without being asked
  • pay the toll for the car behind you
  • pick something up for the person who dropped it 
I'm sure you have even better ideas than those, if you wish - add them below.  Let's try it, shall we?

What's the worst thing that can happen?  You might just make some body's day a little brighter.