Look! Outside - it's Snow!!

Make sure you look quick, though, the first wafting of flakes through the sky were not about to stick around long enough to leave an impression.

Just look.  The small, delicate, tiny, intricate, and beautiful snow crystals floated along on the winds like feathers born along for a wondrous flight from the clouds to the ground where it quickly melts away.

Imagine what it might look like out your window in another month or so... maybe it will look like this - with snow painted along tree branches and frosty etch-a-sketch on every window.

Looks like that make it a treat to live in part of the country where snow can be a regular part of late fall - winter - and early spring forecast.  As the flakes started to fall this morning, one of my first acts was to learn exactly went into calling a 'snowday.'  It's never too early to prepare for those days you work from home while holding Hot Chocolate topped with marshmallows.

Yet, it does feel just a tad early for actual accumulating snowfall.  But as the weeks go by, the realistic opportunity for real snow grows and grows. 

So find your shovel, your snow brush to wipe it from the car, and the gloves to keep you warm while helping clear the walks of elderly neighbors or those of a single mom.  When you do, the only thing you should leave behind are your bootprints and a clear walk.

Yay, snow!