Let the Fireworks Begin!

At the end of the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, and boy, am I tired.

It was a great weekend - our youngest son came to visit from his last year in college (one of many things to be thankful for), and he has grown into an excellent young man (#2).

Over the course of days since last Tuesday - we went to a Badger Basketball game; he and his mom started Black Friday eight hours early after Thanksgiving dinner; we went to the Sundance Theaters to see 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' (excellent movie - but not one for the kids, in my opinion); he installed a wireless router so we wouldn't be strapped down to the desk-top PC anymore; and we were able to show many interesting parts of our new hometown (including breakfast at Willalby's where he tried, but failed to eat two of their pancakes). (#3 -10)

So, what are the fireworks for?  Well, as I start my blog - I look into my picture files seeking inspiration and the shots from last year's Indianapolis fireworks were beckoning.

Fireworks because... it's been a celebration spending time with family; fireworks are a great way to kick off Advent (which actually starts next Sunday) - which is the beginning of the Christmas season, no matter what the retailers and advertisers have to say about it.

So, time to tidy up and get ready to go back to work tomorrow (#11).

Have a great week and remember to keep being thankful.