An Education...

As I was making my way to an appointment the other day in one of our larger buildings, I decided to climb the stairs and check the view from several different floors.

Most units have the family name on the door, and some residents personalize it with the first names as well.

As I walked along the 9th floor hallway, I caught the name on the door, thought it was an interesting name, 'Mow-dell,' as I pronounced it to myself as I opened the door and climbed another couple flights of stairs.

As I walked down the next hall, I noticed more names, Smith - Jones - Schwartz, and that name again, 'Mow-dell.'  I thought that was pretty amazing - really, what were the odds that we would have two families with the same name living within a couple floors of each other.

As I walked down the hall, the light bulb in my head clicked on, and I realized my mistake. 

It wasn't a last name at all.

The apartment was a Model!

Aah, the education of a development director working in a Continuing Care Retirement Community.