A good walk

How many steps do you take everyday?

Well, you are probably wrong.

More than a month ago I started wearing a pedometer each day.  When I picked it up, our fitness specialist said, "You probably don't take as many steps a day as you think, most people don't."


I've heard of people doing 10,000 steps everyday - and it's possible if you are walking a long distance uninterrupted, or maybe a USPS postal carrier walking your route.  So far, the only days I've topped 10,000 was when I walked instead of running on the treadmill and attached the pedometer before I got on board.

My guess, is if you have a desk job - or most of your day isn't on your feet - getting to 5,000 each day is a good goal.  Lately, my days seem to fluctuate between 3,000 and 6,000 steps.  I've also stopped wearing it for my treadmill walks as well - to try to keep the count comparisons fair.

The incentive of the pedometer is watching the steps and seeing how long it takes to reach a milestone.  The program I'm in offered a reward for a quarter of a million steps - it took me 43 days to hit it.  Yippee!  I earned $3 in wellness bucks!!

Try it.  Find a pedometer you could very well have in some junk drawer someplace in your house, put it on, count the steps, and track them.  See how many days it takes you to take 250,000 steps - then call back to the house and have someone drive out to get you and bring you back home.