The Pointdexter has Landed

Over the course of three days - Saturday until Monday - we moved little bits at a time and then had movers take a large load yesterday from our storage unit and temporary living quarters to the Hawk's Landing Apartments in Verona.

We have a beautiful view to the north overlooking a golf course and tree-covered hills. 

It's quite a bit bigger than the last place and everything fits - so far - but we still have to see how much stuff can be released from their boxes and allowed to roam around in their new habitat.  (An extreme version of anthropomorphism, I suppose.)

Tonight there were only a half dozen boxes to move upstairs to the loft - and this next week will be spent going through said boxes to decide what stays; what doesn't make the cut; and what gets sent to the storage unit downstairs.

It was a busy and exhausting weekend, but it's good to be home.