When I look at this picture, it doesn't look that bad.  It doesn't appear to be all that much.... STUFF!

These are the things we have been living without since August 1.

To be fair, some of the things we could actually use, like the dining room table, the couch, and some of the time and labor saving devices that were tucked carefully away into the various boxes and taped up tight.

In my current position, I've visited with folks who have moved onto our campus from the home they've lived in for decades - sometimes more than 50 years.

My guess is that the sum total of their 'stuff' wouldn't fit into the space of a one car plus-sized garage.

That's an upside of moving six times over eight years - the moving process forces you to use a 'sifter' to go through precious items from your child's kindergarten art projects and make a decision as to whether now is finally going to be the time when you frame the magnificent work of a prodigy or.... put it in the recycling bin.

Also, in looking at this picture - it occurs to me how blessed we are to have this accumulation of things and memories and tools for our future.  It also makes me thankful for the professional movers who moved it here from Indianapolis and others who will take it across town.

When you think about your 'stuff,' whether it's in the garage, basement, attic, or squirreled away in the closet - maybe take part of a weekend to decide, or start to decide, or begin to start to think about deciding - what you are going to do with all that 'stuff,' because while you might be able to move it - you can't take it with you!