So, what's the deal with planning a wedding?

Maybe you are reading the regular blog - the dangling thread - offered up by my spouse more or less daily and caught the latest issue with all the fuss and bother over our eldest son's upcoming wedding.

It is somewhat amazing the lengths and efforts that women go to in the planning and executing a wedding ceremony.

Guys, we pretty much just need to show up looking more or less presentable and ready to roll.

Not so for the women.  Why is that?  I haven't the foggiest.

As bystanders for the upcoming nuptials - there's not much for us to be concerned about as far as I can see - there is the rehearsal dinner to arrange (sub sandwiches and wings, anyone?) - but otherwise we just need to be on time Saturday.

There are apparently more concerns: like what do we wear Friday?  what about Saturday?  Saturday night?

I don't know why - trade out one dress shirt for another, throw a second tie into the suitcase, keep the suit wrinkle-free - I'm good to go.

There is one advantage to surviving/experiencing/enjoying/loving 27+ years of marriage... the ability to smile, nod, acknowledge how great your spouse looks, and figure out how to keep track of the latest scores in between.

Now, how do I pass that information along to son #1?