October Skies

Yesterday the skies were leaden. 

That's a description I remember, although I don't recall the source and it's something I think of each autumn as the cloud cover blots out the sun with a cool chill, brisk winds, and the not - so - gentle reminder that winter is on it's way.

Many are reminded that winter is coming as they so those beautiful multicolored leaves hit the grass in their front and back yards and come to one chilling realization.  I need to rake those leaves!

Just to clarify, I am out of the lawn raking business.  Unless I feel compelled to borrow a rake and help a neighbor or some organization, my raking days are over.

It seems to me there are better ways to handle those things.  First, the wind will generally blow most of them someplace.  Second, the ones that don't blow away will be covered by snow.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Likewise, it seems the autumn raking has a close cousin - spring raking.  I remember trying to convince a landlady in Pierre one time that since leaves were raked in the spring that it made no sense to rake them in the fall.  30 + bags full of leaves later I still thought I was right, although I apparently was wrong.

Yellow and orange maple leaves add a flame to the arbor blanket covering the hills and like a match that bursts into flame and then is quickly extinguished; so it is with autumn.

Enjoy this burst of color - pleasant days - pumpkins and mums - and locate your mittens, you just might need them!