Happy All Hallow's Eve

It's been a while since we've even seen little people dressed up going door to door imploring those opening the doors for a treat or risk getting a trick.

From about the time I stopped marching around the neighborhood looking for the best candy - it's usually been my job handing out the treats to the little ones and those who weren't so little.

My nephew and niece are in their Halloween finest in the picture from 2011 and with such cute faces there is no doubt they did quite well.

Upon opening the door to the knock or door chime, I would answer hello and wait.  Wait for the 'Trick or Treat' plea and sometimes the "TRICK OR TREAT" demand/inquiry that can only come from kids hopped-up on sugar and looking for their next dose.

There were princesses and cowboys and the latest action figures trying to peer through their masks to see if the item dropped in the bag or orange plastic pumpkin was a good house or not.  Many times, moms and dads stood on the sidewalk - trying to stay warm and also calculating how much the parent's commission might be for their night's constitutional.

There are always cute kids - the best ones, though, were the ones would looked back up and offered a quiet and sincere, 'thank you,' before turning back down the steps and on to the next house.

Happy Halloween, Marta and Harmon, I hope you shared some candy with your mom and dad!

I couldn't tell you much about the costumes I wore through the years as my Dad walked me around the neighborhood as much as I recall the times I had to squeeze the costume over the winter coat that Mom would make sure protected me from the cold. 

Here's hoping your Halloween is a safe and happy one, and that time spent looking over the candy spread out on the kitchen table is worthy of high level negotiation.  Treasure the moments with the kids because your kids will remember the time they spent on the trick or treat trail with you.

That's what I'm recalling tonight, and it's appropriate as tomorrow is the day churches pause to remember those who have left us in the last year.  It's a great time for fond memories, like that of spending time with my Dad and all of our parents whether they are still with us, or not.

To that, here's praying for you and your memories of loved ones lost on All Saints Day.