Father of the.... Groom

Have you seen that real funny movie about the groom's father?  It was hilarious - it recounted all of the little things the father and son had to do to prepare for the big day:

1.    Get Cleaned Up
2.    Get Dressed Up
3.    Show Up
4.    Say 'I Do'

You may have missed the movie since it was only a minute long, with credits.

In two days, the eldest son will be waiting at the end of the aisle if he pays attention to the first three rules leaving him with just one thing to remember.

Presumably, he will join a long line of men in his family who cleaned, dressed, and showed up and complete the four-bagger with a couple of well-placed words.

As the Groom's father - there are only the first three rules to follow and an addendum: 'Be sure to do what your wife asks.'  Say, 'I will' if you must, but based on personal experience I would stay away from the phrase, 'Yes, Dear,' especially if you are disposed to any level of sarcasm.

It will be a wonderful weekend - the rehearsal (boy, I hope he can get his standing in one place, pivot, and speaking part down pat); dinner; and then the real deal - the ceremony. 

That's when the rules have to kick in because nerves and the sudden urge to go fishing are liable to kick in - stay steady, boy - just follow the rules.

God's Blessings - Matt & Miranda for a great wedding and a life-long marriage!