Cross Over the Bridge

Over the course of three out of the six plus years we lived in Indiana, it became a quest to find and photograph each covered bridge in the state. 

Some, like this one, the Zacke Cox Covered Bridge in Parke County are not all that easy to find.

The first time visiting Parke County - I must driven right by the turn which we didn't see because we were traveling the Chamber of Commerce route 'backwards.'  It was only later, after realizing there were four Parke County Bridges missing from my 'album' that I searched further online to find where they were located.  Once equipped with the proper directions, I drove right to it.

One of the bridges that proved hardest to find was the Homer Bridge (left).  It was built in the Indiana town of Homer.  I read it was on private property and searched Homer.  No bridge.  I asked a store owner who told me it wasn't in Homer anymore, but had been moved to Rushville and re-built in a park there.  It was beautiful and took a great picture.  I later contacted a covered bridge website to tell them about the new location of the bridge.  Funny, why didn't it file a change of address?

The 90 some covered bridges in Indiana were built to cut down on the amount of moisture absorbed by the boards.  Another theory is that the walls are for horse drawn carts and buggys, but most of the information I've read since indicate that wasn't really the case.

But, if you want to buy into the second theory for a moment, it is a reminder of how we sometimes need to get ourselves through difficult days, weeks, or months.  We need to look ahead to the goal - the destination at the other end of the bridge - and concentrate on it.  If we don't allow ourselves to be distracted by the river running beneath our feet, the sooner we get to the place we wanted to be all along.

So as you cross the bridge, enjoy the view for a second or two, then keep going like a horse with blinders on toward your destination.