Change of Seasons

The changing of the seasons is exciting and nostalgic and a little bittersweet.

Baseball gives way to football and basketball and hockey (yes, I'm aware the NHL is in lock-out at the moment) which in turn give way to March Madness and Opening Day for the hometown nine again next spring.

Of course, it used to be a little cleaner than that without such a great sports 'overlap' as one season simple melts into the one behind it.

Here in Cheese Country - it's been a bit different these past few years as the Milwaukee Brewers have stayed in contention all the way to the end of the season with a couple of trips into the playoffs.  Prior to that, if the Brewers could just carry us to the beginning of Green Bay Summer Camp that was all we really asked of the Brew Crew.

As a boy, I counted on Jim Irwin on the Radio to carry the Packers and Badger football teams into the heart of basketball season, when I would fall asleep listening to Eddie Doucette on the Bucks play by play every night.  Then as the Bucks season wound down I would listen for Merle Harmon and Bob Uecker with the sights and sounds of the Brewers in April.

It's a circle of life for a sports fan.

Looking outside the past few days - there have been some pretty rapid changes.  Rain and wind have knocked thousands - wait, millions - of leaves from trees and to the ground waiting for rakes and lawn mowers.  Oak Trees which usually hold onto their leaves until covered lightly in snow - have given up much of their photosynthetic clothing this week.

And the season change... summer into fall into ________.   It's coming - and it will be fun!

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens

Ecclesiastes 3:1