Morning Ride

We've lived here about a month now, and a few weeks ago I was able to ride my bike around one of the two major lakes Lake Monona) that create the isthmus that is a geographical feature that gives Madison its identity.

Today, the idea was to ride north and then east around Lake Mendota followed by a trip east to Sun Prairie.

Leaving from our place on Madison's west side, I headed north along city streets into Middleton; then onto county highways where some quintessential Wisconsin landscapes were on display after I crested a hill.  The picture really doesn't do it justice, but suffice to say, it was a very pretty sight and a good excuse to hop off the bike to shoot the photo, gulp some water, and head east.  Into the wind. 

Mind you, the wind wasn't hurricane force breezes or anything like that - but it creates the effect of a parachute and slows down the progress significantly.  Since my route on the trip out was mostly east - I was bucking headwinds the entire time.

Just to keep up the right attitude, I tried to convince myself that meant upon reaching Sun Prairie and returning west, the wind should be at my back.  Of course, it doesn't always work like that - but it helped keep me pumping those peddles.

I've been riding a bike without my normal bike 'computer,' so it's a little like flying without instruments.  I don't know my speed, distance, or the time. 

Luckily, the sun was up, so directions were not a problem and I knew the closer I got to Sun Prairie - there would be some food available!

Yes!  There it was, at Carl's Diner & Bakery just off Main Street in Sun Prairie - delicious buttermilk pancake with butter and slathered in maple syrup.  A little Mt. Dew - and I was stoked for the ride back!

After the fueling stop, it was back on the bike and a more direct route home.  Happy to find the wind at my back and an opportunity to see some of the sights and hear some of the sounds of pre-game excitement around Camp Randall stadium.

Some time soon, hopefully I can head in to watch as well.  But for yesterday, it was great to pop open a cold one and watch the game in the comfort of my living room.

Have a great weekend, rest from your labors, and give thanks for those who provide so many of the little things that make our lives so easy and comfortable.