Like a Bridge....

This beautiful stone bridge over a small lake in Tenney Park was built in the 1920s on Madison's east side close to Lake Mendota.

It's been paved to make it easier for bike riders to cross over than the original brick or cobblestone would have been to ride upon, but the charm and workmanship shows nearly 90 years after construction.

It's a strong bridge.  It probably couldn't handle a tank or tractor-trailer, but it's up to virtually any job that could either walk or roll its way. 

When you look it at - you know.  This is one strong bridge.  You don't need to be a structural engineer to know that it will hold you and several hundred of your closest friends.

How can you tell?  I don't know - I'm not a structural engineer - you can tell just by lookin'.

I believe it was Yogi Berra - the noted philosopher and catcher who once said,  "you can learn a lot just by lookin." 

Yogi's right.  The bridge is right.  Many times - although not every time - your brain (yes, your brain) is right.

When you look at something, you immediately size it up and that first impression is frequently the one you should follow.

If the bridge in these pictures were made of Popsicle sticks - would you trust it?  What if you knew it was built by a Big Ten honor roll of engineers?  Well, maybe.  But, frankly I'd prefer to walk across the stone bridge instead.

When life is crumbling or swirling around you like a vortex - look for something solid and grab on until the ground settles and the wind calms.  When the dust clears, you'll know where you're at, and realize the protection you thought may have been missing, was there the whole time.