Keep Movin' - Keep Salutin'

Two days after the long run... I was back on a workout bike and treadmill to re-acquaint my legs with moving at more than a stuttering gait.

I'd hate to think how I might be feeling, post-run, if I hadn't done as much training as I did... but the picture would probably include a wheelchair and crutches!

Now with the 13.1 in the rear view mirror, it's nice to look back at the accomplishment and realize finishing something, that even three months ago I wasn't sure was possible.

It will be a while before the next one... but thanks be to God for good health and a good recovery from this past Saturday and I'm looking forward to hopping on the back of my bike this next Saturday for more than a 13.1 mile ride.


Tuesday marks an anniversary in our nation most of us easily remember... my wife and I were in a loan office preparing to sign the closing papers on a re-finance when the banker made a call about a financial question and heard the news that sent tremors through the financial world and the rest of it in the eleven years since.

It's Patriot Day - commemorate by honoring those who serve our country and by serving others yourself - you will be glad you did.