It was a dark...

It was a bit like trying to catch a lightning bug on the night of a new moon. 

Finger on the shutter - camera set on continuous shooting - waiting.


Oh, missed that one!


The sky lights up like a 1970s disco hall but as you turn toward the light, it disappears.

Out of the 1,400 shots that passed through the camera over the course of 15 minutes - just a few show a trace of a lightning bolt.

It was fascinating - looking - watching - peering through the lens trying to anticipate a flash before it glimmered; otherwise it was gone too soon.

There will be other times, I hope, I get to try to capture lightning and bottle it up inside the digitized 'film' of my camera.

But perhaps - it's not about capturing the light.  Maybe, and more likely, it's about seeking to capture the light!

Happy Hunting!