Hello over there!

Since I started writing this little ol' blog - I occasionally stop and look at the 'stats.'

For reasons I really, really, really don't understand.  There are more people reading this out of Russia than the United States!

It makes me wonder if someone from my deep, dark past is accessing it, or (more likely) this translates into great hilarity in the Russian language?

No idea.  If you are reading this from Russia - maybe you could comment at the bottom of this blog and let me know what interests you in it or what the connection is -your humble author wants to know.

I am aware of a reader or two in South Korea and a couple here in the US of A.  Thank you - it's nice to have some people reading this - maybe Dave Barry started this way.  I imagine back in the (seemingly) ancient times when he had a newspaper column he might have had to start by writing postcards and throwing them to the wind to find a random reader here or there.

So imagine me as a bug on a wall.  Or a spider at a golf course (that's where I found the one in the picture - in Indianapolis) just trying to listen in and throw in a couple cents from time to time.

Big stuff happening later in the week to tell you about.  For now though, it's Wednesday and opening night for the NFL.  Sunday is the big day - when the Packers play not-so-gracious host to the San Franscico 49ers. 

Go, Pack!