Fast Fly the Fleeting Days....

It's very breezy today - nice warm temperatures, though.  It's warm enough, however, that there is no need to drag out the 'WC.'

You know, wind chill.

If you live in areas where winter is more than a display at Menard's or Home Depot... you know what I mean.

For the most part, wind chill is a useful but also meaningless phrase. 

If it's 40 degrees and there is a strong wind - then it feels like it is actually 30 or maybe even 25 degrees.  Brrrr! 

Might be time to break out the winter coat, gloves, hat, and scarf to combat the mighty WC.

Just as quick as spring ushers winter's remnants down the storm drains toward south flowing streams - so does the chill-hinting blustery breezes out of the north that prompt each of us to grab at collars and pull them closer around us.

It seems a little like the best response to all this could be, 'if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.'

Let the winds blow the leaves from trees into the neighbor's yard instead of futilely raking them into small piles toward the curb where the wind will win its battle anyway (depositing them back in your yard).

You know the autumnal winds bring the slate-clearing effects of snow.  Snow that covers the land, replenishing much needed moisture while the earth sleeps.  The slumber to be awakened with gentle spring winds, falling rain, and the bursting blooms of crocus' across the landscape.

To me, these fleeting days of summer that give way to fall are the most precious.  They are like the days of our lives, but more special because we recognize that these days we enjoy so much - sunny, warm, gentle rays upon our back - should be treasured since we'll soon exchange them for a different type of beauty, warm coats, mittens, and scarves wrapped around us to guard against the WC.

Autumn begins Saturday.  Enjoy!