Day of Birth

So it was around this time, just past the middle of the last century... when the time came for me to make an entrance.

Typically, I was a bit unprepared.

There were tears. 

Big, gushing tears.

Screaming that gave way to crying, gasps, and sobbing.

It was freezing.

Where I was from the temperatures didn't very more than a degree or two - holding steady in the upper 90s.

It was very, very bright - and no one had packed sunglasses - and those usually resting on top of my head must have slipped off somewhere along the line.

What else?

That's right, I was completely naked.

And everyone was staring.

Could someone get me a towel?  Or a blanket?

Why didn't someone alert me to the occasion - perhaps I could have prepared a few remarks!

I talked, but it seemed like no one was listening.

But eventually, after weeks, months, and years - folks began to come around to my way of thinking. 

I'm told I was able to get the people in my house to watch the grainy television each Sunday to watch Mr. Lombardi and his team.

I wish I could take some credit.  I can't.

All these many years later - I'm still most grateful for the loving arms of those two people into whose lives I dropped all those years ago.

Thanks, Mom.  Thanks, Dad. 

I am truly blessed.