Couple of Turkeys

As I pedaled up a slight hill in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum this afternoon, I caught the flash of brown a few feet to my right.

As my eyes focused, I realized they were wild turkeys.

That in itself wasn't unusual, we've seen several flocks of the Thanksgiving dinner to go since moving to Madison, but these two guys let me pull to a stop, get out my camera, and click away.

One of the neat things about riding around the city of Madison are the number of opportunities to feel like you are alone in the country while on your bike - enjoying beautiful views of water and trees.

Large stands of forests dot the landscape in the Capital City and as the palette of autumn takes hold - it's a wonder to experience up close on two wheels.

By the way, my tire repairs of last week held up just fine and the bike seemed to be good to go for the rest of the riding season.  More kudos to the gang at Madison's Dream Bikes for their fine work.

Hope your Saturday and weekend were restful, relaxing, and gave you the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of God's creation!