Catch a Wave and Slow Down

Travel Wisconsin Road 113 between Columbia and Sauk Counties and you will completely miss the opportunity to cross over the bridge.

There isn't one.

It's the location of the only free ferry in Wisconsin and one of the few in the country.

You pull your car to a stop in one of three lanes, stop the engine, get out and walk down to the shore to survey the wide Wisconsin River as it flows south toward the Mississippi River.

Other drivers and passengers are usually around the shore as well, taking pictures, and keeping tabs on the Colsac III as it makes the seven minute trip from the opposite bank.

As it nears that means its time to load back into the car.  Start the engine as it pulls to a stop and lowers the first gate to allow off the first five cars in lane one.  Then as lane two starts to off-load, the next line of passengers start to drive on-board.  By the time the process finishes with another 15 cars - the last gate goes up and its time to make waves.

As you put the car into park, stop the engine again, and if its a nice day - walk around the deck and enjoy the sights and sun.  It's a great oppotunity to pause for a moment between sections of 55 mile an hour speeds and curving roads.

Before it gets all away from you - be sure to stop at the ice cream shop on the north shore and get a couple more shots of the Colsac before resuming your life on the road in beautiful Wisconsin.