Camp's over - let the season begin!

The bikes are put away, or at least being used for a much more mundane purpose like getting to and from school on a daily basis.

I can imagine, if I was a kid again and lived within a reasonable distance of Mecca (read: Lambeau Field), it would become a quest to arrive early outside the locker room, bike in hand and a bright smile, hoping beyond hope that as a Packer came out and looked at the dozens of bikes - that mine would be chosen.

It was just a few years ago that I watched the ritual play out.  Players chose a bike, or a kid - the kid offered the bicycle, grabbed the helmet and either ran alongside or if real fortunate (like the kid in the picture) ride along.

With the end of training camp - practice is no longer held in public view - and is instead behind s tarp-lined fence.

Come Sunday afternoon at 3:15 - while several dozen bikes stand or lean silently against trees or garage walls - their very proud owners will feel like they are a part of that team on the field.

And they are - part of the team - part of the tradition - part of the long line of green and gold.