Back On It's Axis

After a week of almost unheard of national attention for the interception that ended the sacrilege in Seattle; most of us Packer fans were expecting the team to come out firing and put things right.

Well, of course, it wasn't that simple.

Maybe some of it was the nerves and excitement and strong urge to set things right that led to some hiccups in late in the first half.

Judging by some calls by the 'real refs,' it seemed like they had some first-day jitters as well.  But to Packer fans it felt like piling on.

It seemed like the team, and particularly Coach McCarthy were keeping a more even keel than I was sitting and standing and pacing around the living room.

Looking at the Coach on the sidelines - he didn't look happy, but determined not to be rattled.  That's a good trait for each of us to copy when the office machine goes on the 'fritz' tomorrow and the trusty 'email machine' starts taking thirty seconds or more to load a page.

You may have heard it said that adversity isn't what makes character, rather it is what reveals it. 

That's true - in each of us and in the teams we love.

It is nice to be 2 - 2.  Whew!

Go Pack, Go!