A Beautiful Day for a Picnic

It was a beautiful late Sunday morning, perched on a park bench overlooking Lake Mendota from the shoreline at Tenney Park on Madison's east side.

While enjoying a Diet/Mt Dew and reading the NFL preview edition of Sports Illustrated, it was very relaxing to just sit for a while - enjoying the sun, the sound of the waves, watching boats dance across the water, and fishermen trying to find the right angle to get a fish onto their hooks - a perfect way to unwind.

It's been a great weekend, on the bike Saturday and a quiet walk through a lakeside park Sunday.

Since I'm new into the job; I actually work today on Labor Day.  That's something I haven't had to do in several years, and it will give me the opportunity to get a bunch of writing done. 

I remember while growing up that Labor Day meant parades in our blue-collar town.  It was always fun to see the floats and watch the high school bands come down the street.  Occasionally some candy would get thrown close enough to our spot - which made the parade even sweeter!

Other Labor Day Holidays included family picnics - and at every family picnic I remember we had shake-n-bake chicken.  I'm not sure it's possible to equal the taste left in my mind from those family picnics, but it's fun to try.

Hope you make a memory for your family today!