Week #2

August 12 2012

My my, tomorrow is the start of my second week with Oakwood and it's been great so far.

Just the welcome provided by the other members of the Foundation team: Barbara, Teresa, Martha, Mary, Kim, and Travis has helped teach me the important things (location of the Mt Dew machine) and mundane (how to send a document to one of three printers).  If the relationship with this group is half as good as the ones enjoyed with the group at LHSI - I will be very blessed indeed!

I look forward to meeting more residents on the two campuses starting early Monday morning with a special dedication - should be fun.

Looking forward to getting to know the new hometown of Madison a bit better as well - especially from the back of my bike - there are a lot of gems here to be uncovered.

Yes, it seems like I've already been here a while, not just one week - but I think that's because of the comfort level provided by those around me here and the gracious send-off from my Indy friends.

Let's see what happens!