Thou Shalt - Thou Shalt Not....

August 6, 2012

A very nice first day at Oakwood Village and their orientation program today.

Many things to be learned - from the available benefits package to the fact I was required to take a second TB test.  (I'll know Wednesday for sure if I passed, I passed the first one last month - they aren't any fun, but the nurse pricking me with the needle didn't let it hurt too much.)

Just plum full of information about the history of the place - started by area Lutherans in the 1950s and the first piece of land that became University Woods is still that original 30 acre property.

I met another ten new people starting thir Oakwood careers too.  Resident Assistants, Environmental Services, Certified Nursing Assistants, Registered Dietary Assistants, and an Accountant - it take a lot of moving pieces to provide quality care and keep this place humming.

Liked the joke told by the chaplain - 'a momma mouse was escorting her little ones across the kitchen floor when suddenly a cat appeared before them.  rearing herself up to full heigh on her back feet - the momma produced a throaty, 'Rooof!'   Startled, the cat paused (pawsed?) turned and beat a hasty retreat.  Turning to her brood, momma mouse spoke, "See kids, it's always good to know a second language!'

You may have needed to be there for that one, I suppose, but I thought it was funny. 

During the proceedings I discovered a return trip to our storage unit was required to retrieve some documents in the file cabinet.  Earlier tonight, after unstacking a couple dozen boxes - the documents were in my hand. 

Time for a couple innings of the Brewers, then off to bed to try again tomorrow.

It seems like a month since last Tuesday when  wrapped up work at Lutheran High School.  They had opening worship this evening and open to students Wednesday morning - please keep the students, faculty, and staff in your prayers.